How to care for a purple waffle plant

purple waffle plant
purple waffle plant

Plant Characteristics of the Purple Waffle Plant

The purple waffle plant is a beautiful little houseplant with colorful leaves that would look great in your home or workplace all year. it is not only beautiful, but it is also simple to cultivate indoors.

This plant’s tiny size makes it an excellent houseplant for decorating alongside tables, counters, and workstations. Because it grows slowly, you may use purple waffle plant as a groundcover under larger indoor plants like ficus trees.

A beautiful container will complement the unusual leaves of the purple waffle plant. Clay (terra-cotta) pots provide a beautiful contrast against the purple foliage, but containers in yellow, purple, pink, or blue may also make a huge impression.

You can use Water guns for dropping water on your plant. šŸ™‚

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Growing a Purple Waffle Plant
Growing the Plant

Instructions for Growing a Purple Waffle Plant

Indoors, grow the plant in medium to bright light. If the plant does not get enough light, it may lose part of its deep purple hue. As a houseplant, it may bleach and exhibit symptoms of sunburn if exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Water the purple waffle plant just enough to keep it damp but not wet.

The plant does not need pruning since it is a tiny houseplant, but if the stems get too long or scraggly, you may trim it back at any time.

Fertilize the plant at least twice a year to keep it happy. If you plant it in a sunny location, you may fertilize it more regularly. Follow the instructions on the package for any houseplant fertilizer.

It should be noted that the purple waffle plant is not meant for human or animal food.

Purple Waffle Plant Care


The plant thrives in bright indirect light inside or in moderate shade outside. Direct sunlight may cause the margins of the leaves to burn or the color to bleach, and the cold metallic sheen of the leaves to disappear. The plant’s deep purple hue may fade if not exposed to adequate light. Purple waffle plants will also flourish in the presence of artificial lighting.


Purple waffle plants may be grown in an all-purpose potting mix or commercial potting soil. If you want to grow them as a garden annual, add compost or leaf mold to lighten and nourish the soil.


The purple waffle plant is content if it is kept wet. The aim is to have moist, well-drained soil. The plants should not be soaked to the point of runoff. Instead, water the plants using a wrung-out sponge to reach this amount of wetness. Add water-absorbing crystals to the soil to assist retain moisture if your area is very dry, you can’t guarantee regular watering, or you aren’t around enough to give appropriate irrigation.

Humidity and temperature

Warm temperatures and high humidity levels are required for growing robust purple waffle plants. Bring plants inside before the first frost, or ideally before the temperature falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Mist your waffle plants or put them in a tray filled with stones and water to increase the humidity around them. A steamy bathroom with a window makes a great plant spa for sickly waffle plants that have spent too much time near the heater.


Purple waffle plants thrive in the understory of jungle regions rich in nutrients from decomposing leaves in their natural environment. To create a lush plant, replicate these nourishing growth conditions using plant fertilizers. A slow-release 6-12-6 houseplant fertilizer will provide a consistent nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium diet for healthy development.

Purple Waffle Plant Propagation

Purple waffle plants develop in a spreading manner, with new roots emerging at each growth node as they expand. Plants that spread in this manner are simple to propagate, allowing you to have an infinite number of plants.

Cut the end of an actively developing stem, including at least one node, using a clean, sharp pair of hand pruning shears or scissors. If you pick a stem that is near to the earth, roots may be developing already.

Place this cutting in a wet potting soil container and maintain it damp until you notice new growth from your cutting.

Purple Waffle Plant Potting and Repotting

The purple waffle plant grows slowly to moderately; if your plant is healthy, repot it when you see roots growing out of the drainage holes. Waffle plant stems are easily broken, so don’t take the plant out of its container by the stems. Instead, flip the plant over and lightly touch the container’s bottom. If the rootball is especially stuck, use a butter knife to pry it away from the container’s sides. Fill up the extra space in the new, bigger container with high-quality potting soil.

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